Steps for You to Be a StRong MusLiM

some steps for you to be a strong MUSLIM

1. be alert to whatever that may divert you from Allah.
2. be alert to the carnal pleasures that may lead to the realm of the forbidden.
3. ascribe all material and spiritual accomplishments to Allah
4. never consider yourself as higher and better than anyone else.
5. long for Allah's pleasure and be grateful at all time.
6. renew the fountains of your iman by studying and reflecting on Allah's creation
7. remember death,and always have the conscioun that it may happen at any time.

and We pray Allah to guide you in the path of peace-the path of Islam. May Allah (SWT)give you strength at this time to stand by HIS HAQ

"Ya Tuhan kami,sesungguhnya kami mendengar orang yg menyeru kepada iman ,(yaitu),'Berimanlah kamu kepada Tuhanmu,'maka kami pun beriman.Ya Tuhan kami,ampunilah dosa-dosa kami dan hapuskanlah kesalahan-kesalahan kami,dan matikanlah kami beserta org-org berbakti" Al-Imran:193

"Ya Tuhan kami,berilah kami apa yg telah Engkau janjikan kepada kami melalui rasul-rasul-Mu.dan janganlah Engkau hinakan kami pada hari kiamat.Sesungguhnya, Engkau tidak pernah mengingkari janji" Al-Imran :194