Think bout it.

waa...1 year already i studied in this institute, believe it or not. heheheh..
Today i am trying to write my first post in English.

As we know, this early July, we will get the result of discussion about PPSMI. This topic never end until the our government state it, it's in Malay or English. For this week , around 3-4 lecturer asked my classmates about this issue. The same issue like last Sem. They asked ours opinions about it. Certain of us agree with it, and mostly not agree teaching Mathematics and Sciences in English.

Not only English lectures asked me , but BM lectures also asked the same question. They shared their opinions with us. We accepted theirs opinions in the different aspect. Actually, we also not agree with theirs opinions..huhu. Last Sem we are divided into two group discuss about this topic , pro and contra of this issue. Do no what to say cause balance pro and contra hehehe

For your knowledge, my batch was the first experiment learning Mathematics and Sciences in English in FORM 1. It is OK for us ( but not for all students) cause we were learned it when secondary school. We can understand it,because we already have many vocab in English. But what about primary school. I have a brother who also the first experiment learning Mathematics and sciences in English. He not a genius or very clever student. Just a normal student. He loved to learn Sciences and Mathematics ,but he can't do it well in examination. My dad asked me to teach him in both language , Malay and English. So difficult u know. Ermm..But i tried to teach him Malay first to understand the concept then teach it back in English. When he took the UPSR examination, he can't scored. It's Ok. Just UPSR. This case is different with my brother also , who will be taken UPSR in this year. He can score in Sciences even he learned it in English. Do you know why? One of this factors is he can score English that is why he also can score sciences. I know that is not enough for me to give a conclusion ,about this issue refered to two experiments and observation. But what i want to say it is we must good enough in English before we learned sciences in English and get the good mark in Sciences.

Teaching sciences in English is more difficult then Mathematics. Sciences we need to understand well its concept ,Mathematics we just to know its formulas. That why i can't scored well in all subjects Sciences. To learned Sciences in English i need to write a long essay in Physics,Biology and Chemistry. To be honest, I'm not expert in English subject. So, i can't do well for subject sciences and English. When i learned subject sciences, i understand it.But when examination i wrote different from what i understand about it.huhu...Do no why, i do not want to say that it is because of English( actually i think so..heeheh).

I also have my own opinions, but can't express it cause i know who am i. I'm just a person that will be a futures Mathematics teacher. Just 1 year i learned to be a teacher, it is not enough effort to me to express it. I hope the answer that will be given by the Minister of Education is relevant with Malaysian student today.

* sorry for grammatical mistake* hopefully will be improve soon..